November 18,2016


***Diabetes update***this is a long one…

First of all, I am happy to say that my struggles have not gone unrewarded. My sugar levels are so tight now. I freak out when they go above 120! I attached screen shots of the graphs of my BG (blood glucose levels) for May-July vs the last 90 days. See how amazing it is?? My only highs are in the morning during the dawn effect period when my liver releases the stored glucose to help get my body moving. And those highs are not bad!

I currently am taking a basal insulin (one that lasts for 24 hours) and have accepted the fact that I also have to take basal insulin (fast acting) during the day when necessary. It is not enough to barely eat any carbs for me. My body behaves and in fact IS one that the pancreas just doesn’t work anymore. I have to be my own pancreas. I have resigned myself to injections 1-5 times a day. *shrug* I clearly am not causing this by how I eat. I have established this. I am not to blame…but I am in control of fixing it!

So, as usual I have been doing extensive reading and research and talking and testing. The new thing I learned this time is from Dr. Ron Rosedale who recreated testing similar to Dr. Joseph Kraft (who spent 25 years testing glucose metabolism and blood insulin).

Dr. Rosedale

Dr. Joseph Kraft

Basically, what was discovered through testing obese children (who were brought into his private practice by their parents trying to figure out WHY they were overweight) was that their insulin levels rose higher and STAYED higher much longer than children who had normal acting pancreases. This being said…it means that I most likely had hyper insulin levels for many many years BEFORE I had high sugar levels. High sugar in the blood is toxic to the body and the body will exhaust itself trying to ensure that isn’t happening. So likely, for 29 years until I got gestational diabetes, my pancreas worked it’s little ass off to cover all the carbs I was eating. Which, btw is exactly what the food pyramid tells you to eat. Grains.

My poor little pancreas! Had my insulin levels been tested when I was young, I would have known I was diabetic and been able to save some of the function of my pancreas. Of course, who knew that?? So basically, I was Type 2 diabetic for probably about 40 years with a semi-functioning pancreas until she pooped out in the last few years from exhaustion and now I am an Type 1, insulin dependent diabetic.

The incredible epidemic of overweight kids is likely caused by the massive amounts of grains, carbs, sugars that we are instructed to ingest by the USDA. It kills any chance of the imperfect pancreas working effectively for our whole lives. Too much insulin is not only linked but CAUSES obesity. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??

Insulin Causes Weight Gain

I have to say that I was seriously relieved to read about this. I have been overweight my entire life. I could never ever get to the weight that the doctor told me was normal. I did all the diets (all carb based). I did all the work outs. (I was even an aerobic instructor for a while). Nothing brought me where the doctor felt I belonged. The charts. Now, now I know why. So. Freaking. Interesting!! And frustrating. Ugh.

On that note, we are so saving Patrick’s pancreas! He is doing so amazing at his high fat low carb diet! He has lost…39 lbs!! He is never hungry. He is learning more and more what his body will tolerate. He looks to add fat (yes, I swear it works) and to limit his protein while simultaneously keeping his carb count so low that he is in ketosis and burning his own fat for energy. He looks great!! (I have lost about 37 lbs and happy that things are slowing going down for me and not going up! My main concern is the blood glucose of course.)

Our goal for the day is about 80% fat, 15% protein and 5% carbs. Sounds outrageous right? Of course it does! That is for another update though. I have a hard time eating less protein but I am working on it. I make fat bombs to snack on (made with peanut butter or almond butter and regular butter and coconut oil and unsweetened cocoa and Equal).

And yeah, Thanksgiving is next week. I do not plan on cheating. I think that is long gone for me. This isn’t a diet. This is just how my body works. I will cook for everyone but I will eat my turkey and make a side or two that I can eat…and I am thinking of making a recipe I found for a low carb french silk pie!

Til next time!


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